Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oona baby ...

"Eat me", she seemed to cry as she lay there rather stiff
She wriggled to a corner, like she were shy, like her first
He knew she'd never been "done" before
She wouldn't have been in front of him in that case
Understandably, she was fairly hot
It had taken her quite a while to get there

His mouth watered at the sight in front of him
He was starving, he wanted her badly,
He took her gently, and squeezed her midriff
Taken aback at the way things flowed he quickly bit into her
She tasted just like he knew she would, magical, virginal
He seemed to have heard the rest of her cry out again,

"Eat me", a little more desperate, hoarser, more guttural
It seemed to come from the bottom of her stomach
He couldn't wait anylonger, he needed the whole of her inside him
With a scoop he took in the whole of what was left
It was the best fish and caviare he had in a long time
Amma makes it beautifully, Sigh what an anti-climax

P.S: Shouldn't the title have been Tuna Baby !!!


tejasvi said...

sheer narrative brilliance makes a mundane task looks like a scene out of hannibal lectre series.

Zaphod Beeblebrox said...

Mundane !!!! I would vouch that the first 100 you poll would neither find eating Tuna nor making love mundane. Making love Maybe, but never eating Tuna.

popsie said...

Mundane task or not I dunno and wouldn't comment on, but narrative brilliance, undoubtedly!

Zaphod Beeblebrox said...

blush .. blush ... :-) :-|

i said...

venkat... really. you are way too predictable. I would have said it was brilliant if it was a real woman. Since it wasn't.... not quite brilliant. :). (Oh for the day when I will actually say something nice to you)