Monday, September 3, 2007

The birth ...

I must thank Abhilash for getting me out of my self induced slumber of 5 years and pushing me to write ... It happened at Rajahmundry airport ... Nuthan had just finished nourishing some vegetation on the compound wall when this dude calls to see how Suri's wedding went. We talked about the days of yore, his research into something sinister and the fact that we weren't talking enough ... The blog name (Eat your own ....) is a tribute to a German colleague (?) at work ... his way of saying that you can give something to a customer only if you are sure you can use it yourself. Think it's some wise German saying translated badly using Babelfish. Blue Buffalo is a great oxymoron. Of all, it is a pet food company that specializes in dog food.

1 comment:

simphony80 said...

Couldn't have been more appropriate for you to start on none other than our demigod gudhaal roddy. Auspicious... Period!


PS - The photo would have been better if you were clicking from the other side though... Wotsay!