Monday, September 3, 2007

Racist South Indians

I've always called myself a Racist South Indian. I've often been asked what that means and my definition has always changed every single time I've tried to respond (based on my mood, state of mind and a host of other things that included the price of onions) ... This is my attempt to be consistent ...

Racist South Indian
- Noun (Usage: I was eating Mutton Madras and bloody hell ... I realised I was a Racist South Indian)
1. A bunch of like minded people who dig thunder thighed actresses, prefer moustaches on their heroes (and heroines given a choice). They can gorge on dosas, vadas, MLA pesarattus and bisibela baths 3 times a day, think that Amitabh Bacchan (who is he?) comes a close 29th after Rajini, Chiru, Upendra (not necessarily in the same order) and a bunch of other pot-bellied and not so pot-bellied actors. They believe that Article 343 (Hindi as a national language) should be scrapped or ammended and filter coffee goes best while reading The Hindu

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popsie said...

lol, absolutely, that way I am racist South Indian as well but as they say: North Indians kuch kam nahi hai.:P