Thursday, December 13, 2007

From the X-Files (Part 1)

[Blogger's Note: I wrote this on 29th Oct 2003 a long time before blogging was cool. I sent it to my wing - a group of people I had stayed with for 4 years in Pilani and had an absolute blast. Since then, nothing has changed much, the sun is the same in a relative way but I'm older, shorter of breath and four years closer to death. However, I still identify very much with what I wrote]

I'm back cooking a different Story

"My job requires mostly masking my contempt for the assholes in charge, and, at least once a day, retiring to the men's room so I can jerk off while I fantasize about a life that less closely resembles Hell."
~ Lester Burnham to his boss in American Beauty ...

I know none of us are doing this badly ... but I'm sure we can do better. We were a wing. Common belief is that we still are a wing. Fatefully, if all of us were to get run down by a big red bus today, history would remember us as folks who came, screwed around and passed out .... I don't have an idea or a super wave that's gonna get us to where we ought to be. At the same time I can't define where we ought to be 'coz that's just restricting the limit to the amount we can do in a lifetime. All I know is that there's definitely more we can do ...

I don't use the word 'hate' too many times but I can tell u that I hate working for someone else ... it's not in my blood ... I probably would hate working for myself too (and claim that it's not in my genes) but I still dunno that and I'm willing to take the risk and find out ... I dunno how many feel the same way as I do ...but it would be great if I have U folks on board with me ... I don't even know what I'm planning to do ... but we have brains and we can sit and discuss ... we don't have to start tomorrow ... we can sort our lives out for a couple of months and then decide what we should be doing ... and all of us don't need to join at one shot ... it's a crazy world ... and people have made money ... so no reason why we shouldn't be making money ... and we get to be our bosses ... and we get to decide who we wanna work with ... (of course if we wanna be successful honestly ... we might not have much of a choice on who we wanna work with :p)

Just look at the wing ... we do have folks who can do wonders ... and what are we doing instead ... a couple of us cross a country to watch a movie in which an aging fart cleans up the so called 'mess' around him ... at times I wonder if he can clean his own mess after he's done ... one guy's obsession with cars made him do a Masters in Information Systems in BITS and just to make sure he could get even closer to cars he's doing an MBA now ... defines Irony .. one's married and planning to build a house ... the other isn't married and is planning to buy a house ... I can't say much to u folks ... except that real estate is business too ... in fact real estate is good business ... ask Donald Trump ... ask K.P Singh. A couple of us are in college talking about SIP, Thakurs and the universe ... u guys are working with ideas of tomorrow ... let's sell a few of these ... I hear clinks on the other side of the cardboard .... do U hear them too? Girls recently turned 'majors' are not even a 'minor' hiccup ... it's just a way of life ...Colombian girl friends and salsa classes can still be in ...everybody needs respite ... so can working with the Shankaracharya ... Motorola and Cisco are build to last companies ... maybe we can make a build to last company too ...what say 'Huzur' ? Wear your shirt. In the room

I've wanted to send this mail for quite sometime ... was a little scared to be honest... thought U guys would think I was crazy .. and that I had lost it ...I'm sending it now ... 'coz ... what the fuck ... who the fuck really cares ... I lost it a long long long time ago ..

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