Wednesday, December 19, 2007

From the X-Files (Part 2) .. Those Crazy Years

[Blogger's Note: An e-mail exchange between Aroon and me that talks about those four crazy years. The e-mail itself was sent some time around Feb 17th 2005 (a good 3 years after those 4 crazy years) ... the intent in his own words .. "and yet I have done little all these years since those times to even set eyes upon your countenance, or to speak with you of your trials & sorrows, or to know of your joyous crushes". Aroon's e-mail was titled "Is this Love ?" and my response was titled "This is Love"]

Is this Love ?

Where do i begin?

The invention of the phrase (phrase isn't it?) "bitch bastard" that even today brings warmth to my heart, or

The stolen gift of IPv6: The next Internet Protocol from the refli that I'll hold dear till my last breath leaves me, or

The many blissful nights (and mostly days) of sleeping on your floor which you begrudgingly permit in spite of your inability to self-gratify, or

The pool of urine that was found between my sleeping place on your floor and your cot, that until today hasn't had its source resolved, or

Your tolerance (and hidden love) of Julie, the bitch that found solace on your bed, and your feigned fits of anger at her, or

The daring breach of the locked-tower of sundial in Jaipur, or

The comps, god forbid I forget them!, or

The drunken spells of violence, targeted at khus and Das, or

You just being the friend you can be, or .........

Where do I begin? Is this love?

This is love

If our hearts are the doors of a temple then what is the key that opens it ? Love !!! Love !! Love !! Love !!
~ Translated from a song in Pelli Sandadi ( a Telugu movie by Raghavendra Rao, B.A. The song: Hridayam ane kovila thallupu theriche thaalam ? ... Prema !! Prema!!Prema !!!)

I could just carry on from where u signed off ....

The ticketless train travel from Bikaner to Loharu 'coz we thought it was more important to keep our stomachs happy ... or

Our midnight visits to ANC where the only word that counted was "karara" while the cook tried to figure out whether you were Sai-baba or Jesus Christ (incarnate of course) or

Chaco trying to decode what comps meant while Saiku was trying to figure out why the Time Cigarettes we gave him were always more kick-ass than the ones he bought or

Our nocturnal (and afternoon) visits to Golden Dragon where Hemantji would oblige us with old food, adulterated CDs and a credit that if evaded could put off his plans to buy a car by a couple of years or

The names like "random duckling", "Naamka", "boo...babu" that have stuck to people even today while (luckily) "granny" never got too popular!!

If this isn't love then what is ?

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sriks said...

This is 'Beyond Love' my friend. May lord give you that Mercedes Benz you have been wanting for,i dont know how many years now :)